Legal case

Roadshow Films v iiNet ADA amicus curiae submission

The ADA sought leave to be heard as an amicus curiae in High Court proceedings between Hollywood film studios and Australian ISP, iiNet Limited in December 2011. The case considered whether ISPs could be held liable for copyright infringements of their users. The film studios sought to establish that in failing to take any steps at all against identified copyright infringements by users of their services, iiNet effectively authorised the continued uploading of copyright works.

IceTV v Nine Network Australia ADA amicus curiae submission

The ADA successfully filed to participate as amicus curiae in High Court proceedings between IceTV and Nine Network Australia. The High Court handed down its decision in April 2009, finding that IceTV had not infringed Nine's copyright in its weekly schedule of programs after having used Nine's data to populate its own electronic program guides for use on digital televisions.

Stevens v Sony supplementary submissions on the meaning of "Access"

Supplementary submissions of the ADA and ALCC on the meaning of the term 'access' in paragraph (a) of the former definition of "technological protection measure" in section 10(1) of the Copyright Act 1968.

Stevens vs Sony ADA Amicus Curiae submission

The ADA sought leave to intervene as amicus curaie in the High Court in proceedings between Eddy Stevens and Sony Entertainment regarding the the mod-chipping of Sony Playstation consoles. The ADA was successful in its amicus curaie application and made arguments before the High Court regarding the scope of the definition of 'technological protection measure' in section 116A of the Copyright Act.

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