About us

The Australian Digital Alliance (ADA) was founded by former Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, Sir Anthony Mason, to provide a balanced voice in the copyright debates. Officially launched in February 1999, the ADA is a broad coalition of copyright users and innovators who support copyright laws that strike a balance between providing reasonable incentives for creators, on one hand, and the wider public interest in the advancement of learning, innovation and culture, on the other.

The ADA is a respected and active participant in the Australian copyright reform debates, regarded for its depth of copyright expertise and advocacy efforts on behalf of a diverse membership. ADA members span various sectors, and include IT companies, cultural institutions, schools, universities, libraries, consumer groups and individuals. You can access a complete list of members here.

Committed to copyright reform that enables fair access to content and encourages innovation and growth, the ADA provides policy advice to government, engages in legal cases, prepares publications on new copyright law and policy, monitors international trade and IP developments and facilitates forums for users and innovators to discuss topical copyright issues.

The ADA is a membership-funded nonprofit organisation which relies on your support to continue to provide an effective voice for the public interest perspective in the copyright debate.

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