Roadshow Films v iiNet ADA amicus curiae submission

The ADA sought leave to be heard as an amicus curiae in High Court proceedings between Hollywood film studios and Australian ISP, iiNet Limited in December 2011. The case considered whether ISPs could be held liable for copyright infringements of their users. The film studios sought to establish that in failing to take any steps at all against identified copyright infringements by users of their services, iiNet effectively authorised the continued uploading of copyright works.

The ADA submission considered the implications of a finding of authorisation of copyright infringement for internet intermediaries like universities, libraries and schools. The High Court rejected the ADA's submission to intervene, finding that the liability of universities and libraries in the digital environment would not be affected by the outcome of proceedings.

A decision is due to be handed down by the High Court in the first half of 2012.

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