Expanding the scope of Copyright Safe Habours

Joint submission from the ADA and ALCC in response to the Attorney-General's Consultation Paper on revising the scope of the safe harbour scheme in the Copyright Act 1968. The ADA and ALCC support the expansion of safe harbours to cover the range of service providers contemplated by the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA).

Updated exceptions and limitations for libraries and archives

The WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright & Related Rights dedicated three days in November 2011 to discussions regarding the updating of copyright exceptions and limitations for libraries world wide. The ADA and ALCC communicated with the Australian representative to advance the copyright issues currently facing libraries in Australia.

Proposed WIPO instrument on limitations and exceptions for persons with print disabilities

Joint comment by the ADA and ALCC on WIPO working document Proposal on an international instrument on exceptions and limitations for persons with print disabilities.

National Cultural Policy Discussion Paper

Joint submission by the ADA and ALCC to the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet's National Cultural Policy discussion paper. The submission advocates for a balanced and flexible copyright regime to bring the arts and creative industries into the mainstream of Australian life.

Cyber White Paper - Public Discussion Paper

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet called for responses in 2011 to its Cyber White Paper, a policy consultation outlining Australia's digital future. The ADA and ALCC submitted that for Australia to achieve its vision of becoming a leading digital economy by 2020, it must be supported by a flexible copyright framework that strikes a balance between protecting the interests of creators and allowing access to and use of works for the wider public interest in the advancement of learning, innovation, research and knowledge.

Draft Terms of Reference Convergence Review

Joint submission by the ADA and ALCC to the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy regarding the draft Terms of Reference for the Convergence Review. The submission highlights copyright regulation as a central issue in increasing Australians' access to content.

Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements

Joint submission by the ADA and ALCC in response to the Productivity Commission's draft research report into bilateral and regional trade agreements. It gives consideration to the negotiation of the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) and its impact on the balance of Australian copyright law.

ACTA: Impact on Individuals and Intermediaries

Submission to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade following the release of an official version of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) in 2010. It analyses areas of conflict between the requirements of ACTA and Australia's domestic IP policy.

APRA: Draft Determination on Authorisation

Joint submission by the ADA and ALCC to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission regarding the Australasian Performing Right Association Draft Determination on Authorisation. It considers the scope of APRA's market power in setting licence fees and terms and conditions for use of copyright music, and the potential anti-competitive detriment that may result.

Improving access to copyright materials for the visually impaired

Joint comment of the ADA and ALCC on the draft treaty proposed by the World Blind Union at WIPO, increasing the information available in accessible formats for people with a visual impairment.


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