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Australian Productivity Commission Intellectual Property Arrangements Inquiry Final Report Response

The ADA strongly supports the majority of the findings of the Productivity Commission in the final report of its Inquiry into Australia's IP Arrangements. In particular, the ADA supports the keystone of the Commission’s copyright recommendations - the introduction of a modern fair use provision to add flexibility to Australia’s copyright system and more adequately protect user rights. 

ADA Submission on the Productivity Commission's Draft IP Report

The ADA in general supports the proposed findings and recommendations set out in the Commission's draft IP report. We believe that the recommendation that Australia should adopt an open ended fair use exception is the key recommendation of the draft report, and the most important step that can currently be taken to ensure an efficient, effective and adaptable copyright system in Australia. 

Exceptional Industries and Excepting the Future

These two reports prepared by Lateral Economics for the ADA examine the economic impact of copyright laws on industry and innovation in Australia. Exceptional Industries examines the economic contribution to Australia of industries relying on limitations and exceptions to copyright, and Excepting the Future makes the the economic case for flexible copyright exceptions and extended safe harbour provisions. 

Australia 2020 Submission: Economy

Submission of the ADA to the Australia 2020 Summit regarding the future of the Australian economy. It recommends the adoption of a "fair use" style provision and expansion of the safe harbour regime to encourage digital innovation.

Copyright Amendment Bill 2006

Submission of the ADA regarding the Copyright Amendment Bill 2006, criticisng the Bill for its lack of flexibility, shortsightedness in the evolving digital world, complexity and lack of balance between the interests of users annd owners of copyright material.

Position Statement: Proposed Copyright Reforms 2006

Position statement by the ADA regarding proposed copyright reforms following Australia's ratification of the Australian-US Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA). It advocates for new exceptions for libraries, schools and archives, new exceptions for private use, increased flexibility for digital industries and encourages the adoption of a "fair use" style provision.

Copyright Law and the Expansion of Fair Use

Joint submission of the ADA and ALCC to the Hon Phillip Ruddock MP, Attorney-General, regarding implementation of AUSFTA and the need to recognise an open ended defence for fair use.

Fair Dealing after the AUSFTA

Joint proposal of the ADA and ALCC to introduce a flexible fair use style provision into Australian copyright law. It aims to provide a legal framework within which Australian citizens are not disadvantaged relative to US citizens in the context of the FTA.

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